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Excel your work by adapting smart traits

Empower your workflow with intelligent features that adapt to your needs, ensuring continual improvement.

AI Assistant

Increase productivity with intelligent automation, task management, and personalized assistance tailored to your needs.

Ai Assistant

Increase your productivity using modern technology which will automatically perform some of the tasks and adapt to your specific needs. Utilize smart automation on unmatched power for never-ending productivity!


Your virtual assistant for condensing lengthy texts into concise, easy-to-digest summaries modified by your preferences.


A revolutionary tool that converts complicated content into simple. It changes your reading strategy. Increase efficiency and comprehension to the extent of objects beyond subjects. That makes each reading thorough and productive.

Chat System

Connect effortlessly with our Chat System, where our chatbot is designed to understand and assist you in every query.

Chat System

An advanced chatbot designed to attend to you at any given time for immersive communication. Effortlessly connect and get immediate guidance for all your queries that make the interaction impactful every time.

Barcode Scanner

Connect effortlessly with our Chat System, where our chatbot is designed to understand and assist you in every query.

Barcode Scanner

Our Barcode Scanner easily unravels curious product facts for savvy shopping. Our confiding pal in the pursuit of well-versed decision-making and untangling secret aspects seamlessly to lift your Shopping Trip.

PPT Generator

Transform your ideas into polished presentations with PPT Generator, your go-to tool for crafting captivating slides with ease and expertise.

PPT Generator

Create leveraging presentations by PPT Generator without having any hassle. It transforms your ideas into compelling visuals that illustrate your skills in polished slides. Explore the ability to bind your listeners and shed light on your ideas

Humanize content

Transform your AI content into human like text, crafting narratives that resonate with genuine emotion and relatability.

Humanize content

This tool helps to add human touch in ai generated content. Engage different mind with stories that breathe life into your message, fostering deeper connections with your audience. Elevate your content strategy with authenticity and empathy, powered by our innovative Humanize tool.

Assured SEO

Boost visibility with targeted SEO keywords seamlessly woven into content, ensuring top search engine rankings and increased online prominence.

Assured SEO

This tool generates the best content embedded with SEO keywords that propel your content to the top of search engine results. Our expertly crafted content ensures every keyword resonates, driving traffic and enhancing visibility effortlessly.

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Pricing Plan

Unlock premium features and benefits with our affordable pricing plans, ensuring maximum value.

Chat System

Your go-to problem solver solutions through intuitive suggestions.


What's Included

  • Quick Responses
  • Effective Suggestions
  • Updated Data Outputs
  • Innovative Chatbot

Free Tools

Perfect for beginners, Utilize many services for small projects.


What's Included

  • PDF Merger
  • Pdf Converter
  • Compressor
  • Barcode scanner

AI Assistant

Smart AI companion for your professional creative writing. It upgrades you in all genres.


What's Included

  • Social media Tools
  • SEO Tools
  • Lead Generation
  • Content & Graphic Tool

File Chat System

An efficient file chat system swiftly resolves your queries to enhance productivity.

5 Credits/page

What's Included

  • Personalized Assistance
  • Insightful Feedback
  • Suggestions Revisions
  • Quick Solutions


Enhance your reading experience with robust tool.

5 Credits/page

What's Included

  • Key points
  • Plagiarism Prevention
  • Language Support
  • Concise versions

PPT Generator

Create amazing presentations with a few simple clicks.

5 Credits/slides

What's Included

  • Premium templates & icons
  • Unlimited export
  • Top-notch Quality
  • Creative graphics & visuals

Scanned to Text

Convert scanned files or images into editable text.

1 Credit/page

What's Included

  • Copyable text
  • Precision accuracy
  • Immediate conversion
  • Accurate formatting

PDF to Native PDF

Converts scanned files into native form with editable text.

2 Credits/page

What's Included

  • Seamless digital access
  • High-quality
  • Text extraction
  • Accurate output

Humanize content

Turn AI-generated content into natural, human-like text that captivates and connects instantly.

2 Credits/100 words

What's Included

  • Clarifies information
  • Drives interaction
  • Increases comprehension
  • Fosters Understanding

Assured SEO

Boost your ranking with SEO-based keyword content, designed to dominate search engine results.

400 Credits/article

What's Included

  • Improved Search Rankings
  • Enhanced Readability
  • Increased Traffic
  • Higher Conversion Rates



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Sourav Kumar

Full Stack Engineer


Full Stack Engineer

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Backend Engineer

Vishal Gholve

Backend Engineer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our application through responses to commonly asked questions from our users.

Expedichat is a cutting-edge language model based on lLamma2 architecture. It is designed to be accessible to everyone, Expedichat offers a user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for expertise in prompt engineering. Expedichat opens the doors for everyone seeking assistance, as it uses technologies such as NLP(Natural Language Processing), Machine learning Neural networks, and deep learning to perform tasks related to human-like text interaction.

Expedichat is only supported on Android because our current focus is on optimizing the Expedichat experience for Android users as iOS support is not available at the moment and we are actively exploring opportunities to extend compatibility to other ranges of devices in the future.

  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly Interface
  • No hassle for a Prompt expert
  • Instant results
  • Improves content Quality

Certainly! Expedichat offers everyone free access to a wide range of tools that meet various needs, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective user experience. These tools are free of cost such as Merge PDF tools, PDF splitter, Compress PDF, PDF to JPG, word count, etc.

Expedichat offers diverse tools that enable users to effortlessly create resumes and presentations and access instant answers/suggestions through its chatbot feature. Additionally, your business can enjoy the benefit of a complete suite of tools including HR tools, Social media tools, SEO tools, and blog tools which enhance overall productivity and efficiency.


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